PandG: Episode 41

Ben scares a dove, and Stephen tops up his sun tan.

(27m, 35s)

(This podcast was originally recorded on 03/07/15)

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PandG: Episode 40

Stephen doesn’t enjoy skiing, and Ben doesn’t enjoy a trip to the beach.

Episode 40 of the podcast. We made it to this milestone. Go us.

(28m, 43s)

(This podcast was originally recorded on 26/06/15)

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PandG: Episode 39

Ben goes to Cornwall, and Stephen goes to most of Northern Europe.

We’re back. We’ve kept the numbering system and everything.
We accidentally kick off by talking into the wrong side of the microphone for 10 minutes.
Ben’s been to Cornwall. He was disappointed by Land’s End, but liked the Eden Project.

Stephen’s been traveling considerably further, flashing his passport at border guards across most of Northern Europe as part of his 2 year campaign.
(26m, 32s)

(This podcast was originally recorded on 12/06/15)

Note re Poldark: I’m not sure why I expected it to be in closer-to-working order, but…the one in this clip looks amazing, considering.


I think that’s the right one anyway. There are hundreds of these things.

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PandG: Episode 38

In this Christmas special, Stephen goes to Germany to see the Christmas markets, and Ben is traumatised by Christmas songs.

This will almost certainly be our last podcast before Christmas, so Merry Christmas everyone. (39m, 54s)

(This podcast was originally recorded on 19/12/14)

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PandG: Episode 37

And the third thing Ben did with the Internet was…upload this?

We’ve been off for ages while I moved house. And had the Internet installed. And tidied up, opened boxes, etc. So here’s a bumper edition to mark our triumphant return. (40:12, 57.9mb)

(This podcast was originally recorded on 30/10/14)

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