Music and Waffle Show – 28th November 2010

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It’s the final part of this series of the Music and Waffle Show, so it’s only right that we go out with a bang. Starting a bit too literally, we begin by blowing up the Wilso-matic machine.

Our newsreader Donald McDonald is enjoying the work of the hilarious Andy Capp. However, he finds the time to write the morning’s important local news, to keep the listeners up to date.

In another feature that doesn’t work very well in a podcast form (especially when it isn’t edited and uploaded for nearly 9 months), we have a big long debate about The Apprentice and the X-Factor 2010 – as part Wilso’s Reality Check.

What lies have you been told?
We’ve lied during off-air moments of the show, we’ve been lied to from someone else at the station, and Stephen has even been lied to in a foreign language.

Have you missed the big news of the week? No? Well..err…have you missed those crap little ‘Sun Spot’ type stories? You’re in luck. We’ve got the lot, in our feature – Top 5 Stories of the Week.

There’s a huge disagreement over music taste half way through the show. Luckily, we’ve got a professional who can tell us what is and isn’t good, in the form of club DJ Nigel Westmidlandwood.

Stephen tells a theatre horror story, and uses it as a big excuse to plug his play.

How big are the jugs? If our listeners can guess this in “The Magic Number” competition, they can win a prize.

Stephen hasn’t heard the record from The Randomizer in years. Our podcast listeners won’t get to hear it now, either.

Podcast Timings

00:00 – What’s on this show?
04:01 – The replacement third presenter, fake watches, and we put a question to the listeners
08:51 – Donald McDonald’s local news
13:00 – Wilso’s Reality Check
19:29 – Listener replies to our question
22:39 – Top 5 stories of the week
27:17 – A huge disagreement over music taste, and what’s left in the show?
33:42 – Nigel Westmidlandwood
39:29 – Stephen plugs his play
42:58 – The Magic Number competition, and listener guesses
48:06 – The Randomizer, more listener guesses to the competition, and goodbye.

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