Park and Gardner are comprised of mostly Ben Park and Stephen Gardner. We were formally known as BJS Productions (Ben James and Stephen), but have lost James, regrouped, and rebranded.

We are radio presenters and producers, based in Bristol, UK. 

What do we currently do?

The Park and Gardner podcast is a regular debate of news, TV, music, and anything else that has affected either of us since the last podcast. It’s normally organised and lead by Stephen Gardner and edited and uploaded by me – Ben Park.

You can also hear Stephen LIVE every Sunday morning 9-11am on bradleystokeradio.com

What have we done before?

For GlossFM, Ben, Stephen (and sometimes the aforementioned James) did a radio show called “The Music and Waffle Show”. It was produced by Ben, written mostly by Stephen (with a bit by Ben), and presented by Stephen (always), Ben (almost always), and James (sometimes). The podcast version of it is available to listen to here.

Ben and James used to do a show called “Requestline” on hospital radio. They don’t do it any more, but they amassed a large number of shows, some of which you can still listen to, here.

Say hello.

If you want to contact us – so long as it isn’t to send us spam about viagra or SEO – you can send Ben an email on helloyou-c@parkandgardner.com
or contact him via Twitter : @BenPark

(Updated by Ben, 3 March 2014)