Coming soon: Park and Gardner – The Podcast

Hi. Ben (Park) here.

If anyone else is reading this, you’ll know it’s been a long time since we’ve done a show on GlossFM now. James has up and left the country (and he hasn’t just gone to Wales – he’s left the whole of the UK behind), and so it’s just me and Stephen now. And with that, we’ve ditched our old collective name and reformed as “Park and Gardner”.

Stephen (Gardner) is now flying solo, doing the Sunday breakfast show on I might be an occasional guest, but I’m unlikely to be on there every week for a variety of reasons (no – not just that it involves getting up earlyish on a Sunday).

And coming very soon, we’ll be recording and uploading some podcasts. There’s no one theme as such – it’ll just be us talking about ourselves, recent news, and things from TV. A bit like our collaborative radio stuff, without the music.

We’ve got a few technical issues to work out, and then the first one will be arriving here.

GlossFM closure


Ben here.

As you might have noticed, I’ve got a bit slack with podcasting our shows. As I’m writing this, I’ve got a few to edit/upload still. The last one you can see on the site at this point is the 15th April. We did shows on the 22nd, 29th, and the 6th May. The following week (13th May), me and Stephen were both busy, so we cancelled the show. And that busy-streak continued so far as we had no time to plan anything for the 20th May, so that one was cancelled too. The 27th May we met up, but only to discuss what to do with the big future shows. The 3rd June (today), was going to be a 3-hour mammoth of a return, featuring me, Stephen and James. But sadly, the station has had financial problems and had to close.

From the station’s website:

“It is with great regret that GLOSSFM has to announce that it will stop broadcasting and hence formally close, at midnight 1st June 2012.

The current financial position of the holding company, Severnvale Media CIC, is such that it is unable to continue the day to day operations of GLOSSFM. The decision to stop all operations, connected with GLOSSFM has been taken to protect both the assets of GLOSSFM and the directors of Severnvale Media CIC.

The timing of this announcement will come as a double blow to many, as our special Jubilee June webcast was due to commence 7am Saturday 2nd June. Regrettably this will no longer be taking place.

The directors and operations team at GLOSSFM would like thank everyone in the local community for their help and efforts, however big or small, during what has been a fantastic journey for us all. We would also like to thank our listeners and supporters for their continued loyalty and encouragement.”

It’s always sad to see a station close, especially one we’ve been a part of for every broadcast in 5 years. In that time we’ve seen a lot of effort that has gone into those regular broadcasts, and everyone has been very welcoming towards us (outsiders). We’ve pestered volunteers for keys while they were in the shower (“is he still naked?”). We’ve pestered volunteers for keys while they tried to watch big national events (“Are you guys not watching the Royal Wedding?” // “Nah”). We’ve pestered volunteers for keys while.. well.. you get the idea.

We’ve slightly taken the piss out of other presenters and had them laugh as intended. The presenter of “C-Rock Sunday” didn’t seem to mind us proclaiming he was the only man who was allowed to regularly use “the C-word” (it actually stands for “Christian” Rock Sunday). And an off-air after-show conversation about a farty-smell in the studio being worked into a sketch for the following week didn’t seem to cause offence to the individuals involved. We’ve been given free tickets to pantomimes, free invites to book launch parties, and we’ve had receptionists for other peoples’ shows bring in cake recipes and chocolate to share with us.

One of the other presenters was kind enough, at very short notice and for free, to record the “thanks for downloading a BJS productions podcast” that you currently hear at the start of every download from this site. And she was also nice enough to record other bizarre things like sat nav directions and shopping lists, purely to help me win an argument with my co-presenters that her voice was so sexy she could make even the mundane sound interesting. I still love the way she says “potatoes”. (She declined to record my “whenever I get run over, I always listen to the Bristol Hospital Broadcasting Service” type one, for the hospital radio station I was volunteering on at the time. Not due to the incredibly bad taste of it, but as she thought it might tempt fate.)

We’ve even (and I’ve always been quite proud of this) been the subject of a strange sort of spam-attack as a slew of people requested (via an early anonymous online form) Europe’s The Final Countdown (which we played – in your faces, losers!) and an unsavoury character calling himself “Stanley Knife” sent us a slurry-load of abuse. While we’d rather have been inundated with nice emails, it’s nice to get any at all, on such a small community station, and it was during our first ever show as well.

The station management laughed-through some, and never complained-about any of our recorded sketches (although we often thought it funny to pretend that they had). When one particularly listener decided to complain to Ofcom about pretty much everything and everyone on the station (including us), they stood by us. (None of the complaints were upheld.) And when the listener in question made “a series of videos” on YouTube about the complaints Ofcom had already dismissed, nobody took issue with my 4-episode parody version “a series of audio broadcasts”. (I’m mildly pleased that the one I made into a YouTube video has a lot more views than the originals.)

So with all seriousness, it’s been fun. RIP GlossFm.

P.S. Those missing shows will get added at some point. They’ll be in the right order, so will appear before this post.

Music and Waffle Show Returns in November 2011

That’s right. We’re back for another 4 episodes in the exciting tales of The Music and Waffle Show.

It starts Sunday 6th November, 2-4pm, and is then on every Sunday in November.

We’ve produced this promo for you to enjoy:

Right click here and ‘save target as’ or ‘save link as’ to download promo (0:52, 1.2 mb)

It’s currently not available anywhere except this website, which makes it some sort of online exclusive! (It’s also only available here due to boring technical reasons, about the order of our iTunes feed, so Ben tells us.)

Gloss FM – November 2010

We’re back.

GlossFM is back on air at 87.7fm, and online at

We’re in the schedule, 4-6pm on Sundays.

But there’s been a few glitches so far.

For one, unbeknownst to everyone, Ben wasn’t getting any emails from GlossFM until just before the broadcast started. So you couldn’t exactly say we were well prepared for this broadcast.

We did a show on 7th November, but due to a technical glitch, our show won’t be available on here or iTunes for a little while yet (sorry).

Yesterday (14th November) was our second show. En route to the studio, Ben’s car had a tyre blow out. Although we were running early at the time, neither Ben, James or Stephen has a clue how to change a tyre, and so we made use of Ben’s breakdown cover and called for help.

Three fully-grown men in a car that has broken down between Bristol and Thornbury on a Sunday afternoon, aren’t exactly high priority. Despite that, the breakdown guy was out relatively quickly.

However, as Ben had no idea he had locking wheel nuts (spent ages looking for the key for it), by the time the wheel with Ben’s destroyed tyre had been replaced with the spare and we were back on the road, it was half way through the second hour of our 2-hour show. And we were still 10 minutes from the studio.

It hardly seems worth interrupting the 2-hour emergency show they had put on, to do 20 minutes, does it? So we warmed ourselves up with a coffee and tea (and Stephen had a pint of Guinness) from a nearby establishment.

Normal service resumed….next week?

The Music and Waffle Show – returns (again!)

Right click here and ‘save target as’ or ‘save link as’ to download promo (0:49, 1.1 mb)

ThornburyFM might be no more, but GlossFM is the new name for our home. Well, we only live there for 2 hours per week, 1 month out of every 6, but that’s not the point. Here’s a promo telling you all about it the show.

Pretty low-key really.

We’re on 8-10pm, every Wednesday night from 21st April to 12th May.
You can listen online at