Comical American adverts

Again, this isn’t the work of BJS Productions. Thanks to Robert Popper for the heads up on both of these mad adverts.

Firstly, here’s an advert for a furniture store. The guy is really creepy. I wonder how he’s damaged my credit so that if he won’t give me credit, nobody else will either. He might as well have said: “You’ll never get credit again in this godforsaken town”

And here’s one I’ve been watching over and over for a week now.

Do you dislike toilet paper?

Do you have a need for additional length because you’re somehow too fat to reach your own behind?

If you answered yes, then clearly you need….

The Comfort Wipe!

Radio Spiritworld – Part 1

This isn’t our work, but Ben was listening to it this week.

It’s dark, odd, and the first ever part of a (comedy) radio show from the “other side”, hosted by the dead (all characters played by Peter Serafinowicz and Robert Popper).

More details (and a version you can download to your non-generic mp3 devices) are available from the official website at