Requestline – 30th April 2009

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In a week of technical failures at BHBS, it wasn’t the smoothest of shows.
Nothing was the same volume off-air as it was on, all our levels visually were off the scale anyway, Ben couldn’t really hear himself, and as the playout system was broken – Geoff Rose wasn’t even on at 10pm for our live listeners. It just sounded terrible, in a lot of ways.

Ed’s been playing football this week, and his team lost. Badly (although not as bad as the last time).

Steff tells us youngsters about vinyl. Why is there different speeds? Does it really sound better than CDs?

Lack of staff and a boring week, means we don’t play All a Twitter this week, but we have a Twitter News section instead.

If anyone knows Bernie Clifton, we’d like to borrow the ostrich, to lend to a professional athlete. Well, Ed. We’ll convince him it’s a good idea later.

We steal one of Stephen Gardner’s features from his “A Link With Home” show, to play Double Vision. We even shamefully play a slightly cut down version of his jingle.


Thanks to Ed and Steff for their audible contributions to the show.

Podcast Timings

00:00 – Intro, highlight of the week, running, metabolism rates
08:49 – Steff’s request, vinyl over CD, and jukeboxes
15:09 – NOT All a Twitter, CCJacquiSmith, Facebook and Skype
21:25 – Requests for Dave and Keith
25:48 – Stealing Stephen’s feature, and requests for Rhys and Roy
29:18 – Let’s Get Ready To Rummage
30:52 – Goodbyes
32:21 – END

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Bernie Clifton’s ostrich. We want a professional athlete riding this in a televised running race.

All about ‘CC all your emails to Jacqui Smith Day’

A Link With Home – 12th February 2009

Right click here and ‘save target as’ or ‘save link as’ to download show (21:11, 8.5mb)

The first time that online listeners have ever heard “A Link With Home”.

In the week that we thought there was going to be a mass staff shortage, Ben Park decided to podcast Stephen Gardner’s show, and put out a recorded one in place of his own.

The man known simply as “Bones” actually turned up though, and he’s here to give his ‘Rant of the Week’ and run parts of Stephen’s show.

Stephen talks us through all the award ceremonies of the week, but keeps his personal opinions to himself about what he thinks of the artists.

The section of the show where Stephen introduces a record to help everyone relax, is slightly less relaxing for podcast listeners as we’ve removed most of the music.

Just having Ben around, has for some reason made Stephen lower the tone of his show, and talk about porn film titles.

Sadly, podcast listeners will miss most of Adele’s “Double Vision” section of the show. It’s two songs by the same artist back to back with no adverts, jingles, or anything else interrupting them in the middle.

Regular listeners to Requestline will have heard the guy who does the show after it, but whose show follows Stephen’s? Listen until the end (or just skip there…as is the digital age) to find out.

Podcast Timings

00:00 – Intro
01:53 – Bones’ Rant of the week
06:10 – TV salaries, Fern Britton
07:25 – Award ceremonies, MIA
10:43 – The chillout zone
12:13 – Adult film titles part1
14:32 – Adult film titles part2
16:13 – Double Double Vision, Double Vision, Double Double Vision, Ben’s apparent love of “Sex and the City”, and the angel of the south
20:20 – Who follows Stephen’s show?
21:11 – End


We brought a camcorder along to film this momentous occasion, and here’s the edited results, including a few outtakes that were edited from the audio podcast.

A Link With Home

Due to a shocking lack of staff this Thursday, due to illness, house-moves, holidays, meetings and other such reasons, there will only be Ben Park and Stephen Gardner at BHBS this Thursday.

So what would be three live shows plus local news totalling 3.5 hours of live broadcasting, is actually going to be 1 hour of live broadcasting and 2.5 hours of prerecorded shows.

What does this mean to you?

Well, there’ll be no Requestline show online this week. (Boo!)

…but instead there’ll be the considerably better “A Link With Home” show, presented by Stephen Gardner with special guest (in the non-retarded sense) Ben Park. He’ll be podcasting that instead of Requestline this week, for our lucky online listeners.

Variety is the spice of life, as they say (and it’s all you’re getting so be grateful).