PandG do BSR: 18 December 2013

Park and Gardner, on Bradley Stoke Radio, for a special not-very-Christmassy show, a week before Christmas.

Right click here and ‘save target as’ or ‘save link as’ to download show (34:42, 33.3mb)

And now, a gap in the normal podcast proceedings, as me and Stephen did a live show on a radio station, and the podcast of that fills this space instead.

No sooner have I agreed that I HATE Christmas and everything about it, I started remembering a load of things about it I DO like. Balls.

We’ve got a new competition called The Golden Shower. Can our listeners win the special golden prize?

I’ve obtained a special remix of a classic song, from some professional music producer or other. (Spoiler: The middle bit is spectacular.)

It’s always nice to hear a classic Hip Hop track, isn’t it. Err…isn’t it? Stephen? Isn’t it?

Hit local DJ Jim Borehamwood has made a megamix for our show. It’s like nothing we’ve heard before.