Requestline no more?

Since we started podcasting our hospital radio shows online a few years ago, it has been up to Ben to record/edit/upload them.
Eagle-eared (is that even a correct term?) listeners might have noticed, that lately there hasn’t been shows updated online quite as regularly as there once was.
This is because Ben has got himself a job working nights in a petrol station, and doesn’t have enough time to do that, the show and everything else he has to do in general life.

Which is why…. this is dedicated after 8.5 years, Ben has decided not to continue doing Requestline on a Thursday anymore. He’d rather not do it, if he can’t put the proper amount of effort into making it a good show.
For the sickly in hospital, Requestline will still continue. It’ll still go out as normal every Thursday at 8.30pm on the Hospedia (aka Patientline) bedside radio units.
However, as Ben won’t be there, it won’t be recorded or edited, and there won’t be an online podcast version.

Good news though – the Music and Waffle Show is live every Wednesday night at 8pm, on for the rest of November.
After that, who knows what the future might hold?
Next year could be the greatest year of our lives. Staaaaaay close to me, whooaaaaa.

Requestline – 15th October 2009

What a great show that was.
It was probably in the top 5…well…10. Ok, ok, maybe top 75 Requestline shows of all time.
We’ve done worse.
Some of it can never be topped, nor repeated. Probably.

Sadly, what with Ben’s hectic and erratic working schedule, he wasn’t there to record it. Which is unfortunate really.

Another live Requestline show should go out next Thursday (22nd October), which SHOULD have a podcast for our online listeners following ashamedly along behind it, with its tail between its legs.

Requestline – 8th October 2009

Or not.
It was Ben’s fault, yet again.

The fool is doing a time-consuming one-day-per-week college course trying to better himself, which means he has to spend most of Thursday daytime admiring curvy students.
However, he’s working the whole of Thursday night (til the early hours of Friday morning), which means he doesn’t have enough time to sleep, do a paid job, AND do a show.

That’s the long-winded excuse he gave us anyway.

Ben wasn’t prepared to stay up 24 hours straight in order to produce a hospital radio show for the listeners, so nothing got produced, recorded, or uploaded here. Frankly, his selfishness knows no bounds.

Requestline – 1st October 2009

There was a live concert this week on Thursday night at the Colston Hall. BHBS re-broadcast the whole thing to the patients, which means if there is a Requestline show, it’s about 20minutes long, instead of the usual 90minutes, and the show before ours doesn’t exist at all.

Given that Ben had to be somewhere else an hour after the show finishes, and James hadn’t prepared anything much to do a show about, we decided not to do a Requestline show.

Normal service really might be resumed next week.

Requestline… this thing on? – 24th September 2009

Right click here and ‘save target as’ or ‘save link as’ to download show (about 4.5mins, 2ish mb)

The continuing adventures of Ben’s #FAIL

In the week that Ben forgot to press record at the beginning of the show, he recorded 4.5mins of nonsense after the show ended instead. It features swear words.

On the upside

It was a terrible show. Nobody missed a lot. Here’s what we might have talked about in the live show:

Scottish Falsetto Sock Puppet Theatre, and how Ben enjoyed them a lot at the Bristol Comedy Gala he went to.

– Highlight of the Weeeeeek: The builders have FINALLY started doing some work on Ben’s house

– James May’s lego house was knocked down this week. If it had been a bit better promoted, they could havegot people to donate £1 each and save it….probably. Take a full tour of it (from when it was standing) here.

– We briefly mentioned the Microsoft Windows 7 launch party, and how terrible it sounds. Full details on Ben’s blog here.

– As Chas n Dave are no longer going to be working together, we played a mash-up of them, mixed with Dizzee Rascal. You can hear the full song here. It ISN’T our work. It’s by Soundhog – and you can hear more of his mixes here. I’m pretty sure the same guy also made this: