The Bird Table

It’s been a few weeks since Ben or James have done a Requestline show. Instead, there’s been recorded ones going out. There might be one for 9th July, but there’s some technical problems with it (of course), that we’re trying to fix.

On a totally unrelated matter, Ben bought a wooden object to attract birds into his garden this weekend. It was flat-packed and needed putting together. For some reason, Ben thought he’d film himself doing it. Then edit it. Then speed it up a lot. And add some music.

Here it is:

Barclaycard Competition

A few weeks ago, Ben found out about a competition Barclaycard were running, to make a video about or featuring “slides”.
We wrote, shot, and edited it last week.

And here it is:

If you enjoyed this, please vote for us in the Barclaycard video competition!

Here’s how to do it:
– Go to (which will open in a new window) then click on “Vote” (the middle blue box).
– Type the word “shrink” into the search box, and click “Go”
– It should come back with just one, called “Barclaycard Shrinking Sliding”. Click that and our video will start playing again.
– Then click the “thumbs up” button.

Apologies it’s so long winded, but it’s outside of our control. Thanks a lot to anyone who takes the time to vote.

Requestline – 26th February 2009

Right click here and ‘save target as’ or ‘save link as’ to download show (35:46, 14.3mb)

We’re incredibly short staffed again, but we don’t mention it really.

Ben’s been to a pantomime this week.
Oh yes he has.
He got free tickets from the lovely Katya Banks, who does the introduction to our BJS podcasts.
There were definitely some things in this one for adults, that the children probably didn’t appreciate.

Freecycle don’t half advertise some weird things for free. While curtains are fine, there are definitely some things Ben would feel uncomfortable accepting.

Ben has become addicted to something this week. It’s not crack.
In fact it might help boost his 5-a-day, although the RSPCA aren’t so happy with his handiwork.
He would recommend not building bridges from coconuts.

Dave Ashworth shocked us by coming in. He’s been dancing for literally days non-stop. He’s done every sort of dancing, but not break dancing, nor the robot.

Ben is shocked to find they’ve changed the alternate show that goes out…live….at the same time as ours does week. James makes a brief appearance because of this.

Well done to ‘jazzy’ Geoff Rose for his award nomination.


Thanks to Stephen Gardner for staying all night to help out, and Dave Ashworth for his local news.

Podcast Timings

00:00 – Intro
01:01 – Highlight of the…..weeeeek, Snow White, zombies, upskirts, lesbian action,
08:42 – Freecycle, false eyelashes, condoms, the book barn
13:47 – Where’s Wilson?, Tiki Towers
18:16 – Names, Isaac Hunt,
20:20 – Slumdog Millionaire
23:35 – Dave Ashworth’s big weekend, and a record choice
26:19 – The official local news
32:50 – Geoff Rose’s award nomination, Ben says goodbye
35:46 – End

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The prince and Snow White, in costume

Dave Wrench as a dame – used to be a BHBS presenter, don’t you know. He’s now a presenter on Thornbury FM.

Freecycle (Bristol)

Tiki Towers – this game is a work of genius.

Dev Patel – the current status with all his award nominations/wins

Ariane Sherine – creator of Atheist bus campaign (mentioned in the video)


This week we shot a virtual tour of the studio, and Dave Ashworth. Stephen joked about his political leanings and Ben commented that Ariane Sherine had a better start than most of us, in the looks department.

A Link With Home – 12th February 2009

Right click here and ‘save target as’ or ‘save link as’ to download show (21:11, 8.5mb)

The first time that online listeners have ever heard “A Link With Home”.

In the week that we thought there was going to be a mass staff shortage, Ben Park decided to podcast Stephen Gardner’s show, and put out a recorded one in place of his own.

The man known simply as “Bones” actually turned up though, and he’s here to give his ‘Rant of the Week’ and run parts of Stephen’s show.

Stephen talks us through all the award ceremonies of the week, but keeps his personal opinions to himself about what he thinks of the artists.

The section of the show where Stephen introduces a record to help everyone relax, is slightly less relaxing for podcast listeners as we’ve removed most of the music.

Just having Ben around, has for some reason made Stephen lower the tone of his show, and talk about porn film titles.

Sadly, podcast listeners will miss most of Adele’s “Double Vision” section of the show. It’s two songs by the same artist back to back with no adverts, jingles, or anything else interrupting them in the middle.

Regular listeners to Requestline will have heard the guy who does the show after it, but whose show follows Stephen’s? Listen until the end (or just skip there…as is the digital age) to find out.

Podcast Timings

00:00 – Intro
01:53 – Bones’ Rant of the week
06:10 – TV salaries, Fern Britton
07:25 – Award ceremonies, MIA
10:43 – The chillout zone
12:13 – Adult film titles part1
14:32 – Adult film titles part2
16:13 – Double Double Vision, Double Vision, Double Double Vision, Ben’s apparent love of “Sex and the City”, and the angel of the south
20:20 – Who follows Stephen’s show?
21:11 – End


We brought a camcorder along to film this momentous occasion, and here’s the edited results, including a few outtakes that were edited from the audio podcast.

Requestline – 5th February 2009

Right click here and ‘save target as’ or ‘save link as’ to download show (40:01, 16.0mb)

In the week where Bristol had the most snow in decades, we uploaded a slightly longer than ideal audio podcast.

Ben measured it and he’s got more than 3 inches. He’s very excited.
In fact, he’s been out building odd-shaped sculptures and taking photographs, while James is afraid to leave the house for fear of breaking himself.

We’ve gone web “point..two…” as James put it (or 2.0 for the tech-savvy) this week with a brand new website. Check out if you’re reading this on the iTunes description.
It looks and works better with the zoom-in/zoom-out double-click thing on the iPhone too.

Are you a Twitterer? a Tweeter? Even James has given in and signed up to Twitter, but he won’t give us his username for some reason.
Ben didn’t win Stephen Fry’s #L Twitter competition. His entry featured the word “bloody” which is why Ben didn’t read it out on air.

Tom Jones is naturally grey. Who’d have thought?
“Tom Jones’ Corner” returns for one week.

Ben shows his cynicism by being derogatory about the pilot who landed the plane in the Hudson river in New York.
What happens if you need to take back the keys to the city? Do you change the locks?

Ben and James debate terrible customer service and the relationship-gate scandal that Stephen caused (and Ben made worse) last year. Ben has gripes with Royal Mail whilst James isn’t impressed with QVC.

We also debate Carol Thatcher’s racist remarks, and Ben has an idea for a new venture for her.

Podcast Timings

00:00 – Snow, snow, and more snow
04:42 – Highlight of the Week – Part2, Twitter, Stephen Fry praise, Zoe Margolis,
13:57 – Tom Jones, forgotten features, grey hair, the Hudson river plane landing, Yale locks
18:44 – Browns Bar, the relationship scandal, and bad customer service from QVC and Royal Mail
27:36 – Another mention of Zoe Margolis, racism, Carol Thatcher, Robertson’s Jam collectable toys
34:23 – Potatoes, and video in widescreen with better sound. Plus some visual stuff that makes no sense to listeners (see YouTube video for full details)
36:18 – Undertones/Buzzcocks, keys, and rigging the rummaging
40:01 – End

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We also shot some video this week. In widescreen, AND with much better sound quality. Sadly, YouTube made the video a bit blurry when it converted it. We hope to improve that in the future. Here it is: