PandG: Episode 37

And the third thing Ben did with the Internet was…upload this?

We’ve been off for ages while I moved house. And had the Internet installed. And tidied up, opened boxes, etc. So here’s a bumper edition to mark our triumphant return. (40:12, 57.9mb)

(This podcast was originally recorded on 30/10/14)

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PandG: Episode 8

Barcelona, penis churches, Morph and sexy sombreros.

Right click here and ‘save target as’ or ‘save link as’ to download show (33:26, 32.1mb)

Some news stories mentioned on the show:

The Bring Back Morph Kickstarter campaign!

Monopoly floorboards.

A church shaped like a penis.

Scentee: The iPhone scent device.

(This episode was originally recorded on […]